About Us

Storybound Fest is is a book conference that exclusively promotes and celebrates indie authors and authors published through a small publishing house. Readers will have the opportunity to meet their favorite indie authors, attend panels and night events, and get their books signed. Storybound Fest is an annual, two-day book conference, with 2023 being the launch of Storybound Fest.

The idea for Storybound Fest came from the lack of exclusive indie author book festivals. We wanted to bring a new book event to the world, one that revolved around indie authors. In our opinion, indie authors are just as important as traditional published authors and deserve all the recognition. With Storybound Fest, we are hoping to bring indie authors and readers together in a fun and engaging setting.

2023 Storybound Fest will feature 100+ authors, panels, two nightly events (including a PJ Party!), author signings, keynote lunch speakers, and several opportunities to mingle with authors and readers.

We hope you are just as excited for Storybound Fest as we are!

– Nikole & Tamara